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help needed, megane 2 disable esp

  225 trophy ,clio 172

i know this isnt a clio , but maybe someone can help me. i have a megane 2 2.0 16v non sport and want to disable esp/tcs for trackday use.
i know two its not a 225 but i can use this car for free, so wanna see what is possible. (i have a 225 trophy as daily and a 172 in storage)

i have looked with CLIP diagnostic tool but cant find to adjust treshold esp, i have no button to disable esp for slippery conditions.
i want to hold abs and so i dont want to pull the fuse ,cause renault its always abs/esp together.

so if someone knows a trick with wiring or with CLIP diagnostic tool would be appreciated

sorry for my poor grammer.

kind regards, marco