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help p0711 fault code

i own a 182 clio i recently had a diagnostic test done and the fault code p0711 comes up.

this code is associated with Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance...

however i have searched this problem, spoke to jms tuning and nw performance and they all say that the clio 182 does not have this sensor.

does any one know of this problem and/or how to solve it
  Hero Spec Nimbus 200
its just a red herring! not a real fault, comes up on all clio 2's when using a handheld fault code reader ;) is it a mac code reader by any chance?
hi thanks for replying im not to sure. my friend works for nissan so i got him to do the test.. he said he is unable to delete the code..
i recently had the lamda sensor changed.. but that engine warning light is still on but with the new code p0711...
  Hero Spec Nimbus 200
if its not reading any other fault then your eml should go off. you might just have to try a "better" code reader.
  Hero Spec Nimbus 200
no mate, its not necessary to call the rac IMO, but if your concered just get yourself to a local garage with a decent code reader i.e snap on or nip down to renault and ask them to erase any faults via CLIP.
Has any1 else had this code P0711, also occasionally the car misfires I think... Basically loses power for a few seconds


  Clio 197
mine comes up with this on a mac tool code reader, but not on a snap-on one so i wouldnt worry about it