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Help please

  PH1 172
Was driving up to the peak district yesterday and the car decided to start playing up. The car would hold back on power and there would be a loud rumbling sound when I tried to accelerate and the exhaust would pop and bang, then it would stop and be fine for 5mins and then happen again. It did this for the 20miles I had left to do as I needed to get to where I was going and couldn't stop. The popping and banging started after I filled up with my 1st tank of Tesco 99 and then the above started to happen after I filled up with the 2nd tank of Tesco you think it's the fuel or what else can it be?

Sorry for the long thread but hopefully some one can help out before i need to drive home Tuesday.
  ibiza cupra
sounds like it could be the lamba sensor mate. thats what happened to mine shortly followed by the ecu light coming on. does it sort of hesitate to accelirate then just go all of a sudden ? because mine did that too.
  PH1 172
Yeah I go to accelerate and it does very slowly but with a horrible rumbling noise and when I lift off it pops and bangs the all of a sudden it will just stop and accelerate fine
  PH1 172
Anybody else got any ideas? Drove the car yesterday and it was ok, then today it started to do it again and the best way to describe the sound is it sounds like a Subaru when it's holding back. Will get this sorted when I get back home but just wondered if it may be something I can check?
  PH1 172
Update: have noticed the exhaust is moving alot and wondered if a problem with the exhaust manifold could cause the above problems?
  PH1 172
2nd update: Found time today to plug my laptop in and check for any faults and it came back with:

INJECTOR 4 open circuit when the car was running and when off it just came up with INJECTOR 4 FAULT. So how do I replace the injector and/or is there anything else I need to check/change?

  PH1 172
Final update: After attempting to get to the fuel injectors myself and not having time to do the job I gave in and took it to Ren-o-tech. Told them the problems when I dropped the car off before work Monday and they found that Fuel Injector 4 had packed in, so a new one + fuel cleaner and the car is running nicely again :)