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HELP.. Warrenty Problem


I have a Mk I 172 April 2001 reg, and the baffles have been getting looser and looser in the exhaust, and vibration at 3750 rpm and 5000+ was unbearable.

So, Last week I got my exhaust centre section replaced under warrenty.

Today I recieved a call saying there had been a mistake and they now want payment of nearly £80 for replaceing the exhaust.

So, has anybody else had a 172 exhaust replaced with this fault, and if so was it done under warrenty.

I know EVO had the same problem with their Fast Feet car, so there must be more.

PLEASE help, so I have an argument to take back to my friendly Renault dealer.
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Loads of people have had this replaced under warranty. People Like M@tthew, Squirt172 etc etc.

They are trying to take you pants down mate.
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At my Renault dealer theres a notice on the service counter which states exactly what is and what is not covered by the 2nd and 3rd year warranty. Your dealer should have one, and that should settle things.

Yeah, few of the guys here have had theirs done - Ive booked mine in next week for the same problem.

Has anyone had to pay for registering their import 172 for the warranty cover? The girl at the service desk at my local dealer reckons there could be a charge - is this true??

Thank you all for the response.

The charge has now been sorted out, as they originaly said it would be free, they have honoured that.

What they have said is that as the car was out of the 1st year warrenty there should have been a 20% of cost-to-repair charge to me, which was £78. Basically Renault were accepting 80% liability for the repair.

However this wasnt explained to me before, during or after the work was carried out, just 1 week later!

If had known this before they fitted it, and would have to of paid it, I would of said stuff it, and put the cash to an after-market system, which shouldnt fall to peices.

Thanks again for the help.

when i got my centre section replaced they did initially say that it would be a charge item, but then they noticed it was under a year old and it was free.

Basically the exhaust is only covered for the 1st year...which says a lot about the confidence (or lack thereof) of the standard exhaust.

Mine needs to be booked in for its second replacement in less than the first year (although my car is just approaching 21000 in 11.5 months)



I think my baffles are starting to go, Ive just been putting it off! Renault dont seem to very good at exhausts! My dads Laguna exhaust let go at under 2 years, and my V6 exhaust fell off at 18 months!!
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Sling the thing in the skip and get an aftermarket one if youre faced with having to contribute towards a Renault replacement - theres something about 172s that makes them eat exhausts.