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Help with new Renault driveshaft will not engage fully


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182

If anyone can help that would be great as I'm running out of time for my first event of the year as I still need to run the engine in and get the car on the rolling road to be re-mapped before next Saturday.

My old o/s driveshaft has a complete split boot (so beyond use) so decided but but a genuine Renault driveshaft from Ktec.

I've tried to fit it this evening but will will not slide not the splines far enough. I've tried tapping the drive shaft on but it does not want to go any further and I'm reluctant to really start hitting it harder in case it does not full engage and then I cannot get it off. I've tried the old shaft back on and it slides on easily.

I've looked at the splines on the new shaft and can see no evidence of any damage.

The picture show how far I can get it on so the bearing is still well short of the bearing bracket.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I will call Ktec tomorrow and start trying to locate a replacement.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Managed to source and purchase a GKN drive shaft from Euro Car Parts which fitted perfectly, so the genuine driveshaft from Renault is faulty hmmmm.... not impressed.