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Help With Outlook

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Just had to format and reinstall Vista.

Just installed outlook 2007 and created an account so i can get my AOL emails throuhg it, but instead of the emails coming through the Personal folders its got a seprate folder and i cant change it. I used to be just one folder. Its making me not recieve and manage them right.

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You set the AOL up as a imap mailbox? if so this is your problem.

Did you get any POP details with AOL?


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As Longy said, that's because you've set the account up as an IMAP account.
If you'd configured it as a POP3 account, Outlook would be delivering the messages to your personal folders instead. It's down to the two email protocols working differently.
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right ok thanks, i can remember something about POP3 last time i done it. It is IMAP at the min yes.
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done it

I dont know why it was not straight forward like last time.

something to do with this: