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help with replacing bulb please!!

hi guys my bulb in my rear bumper recess for the number light has gone what bulb do i need to replace it and how do you actually replace it cheers thanks again
it's well easy if you stick ur head under the bumper and with a quick push it should pop right out, mine did, alternatively i think you can use a flat head screw driver to leaver it up but could end in tears if you sctrach something or break the light
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50p bulb mate for halfords.

Look at the plastic lense, one side will have an indent, just lever it open with a screw driver and cloth wrapped around it so you don't mark the paint.
as above...


i know they only sell the whole unit from renault..
or thats what they told me..

They sell the bulbs seperately.

Common for filling with water stupid things, cleaned and wd40 the terminals and re-seal it