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Help with USB Card reader

I can't seem to get it working, card is in reader is connected to e or f drive and everytime I click on the relevant drive (e or f) it asks me to "insert disc"...????? Well the disc/card is inserted so I'm confused.

Anyone used one of these before? I want to get my pics up on here.
  RB 182
Could be a few things, is the card actually formatted correctly?

Do you have the LED come on when all is setup?
All is says is
1) Close all windows
2) Plug the card reader into USB Port
3) Once the computer has located (which is just says for a few seconds in the bottom right) and loaded software... Now what software? Only comes with the card reader and USB wire, then it says insert card and double click.

It obviously has to be installing software but it doesn't come with anything.....
  Punto/Clio GTT
i never had to install software with mine, just pop memory card in reader, pop it in usb port. and it comes up open to view files, slideshow etc etc.

or goto my computer then removable drive.

just a plug n play definatly wont need software
  Punto/Clio GTT
have you actually took pictures on the card or is there data on the card and not on the harddrive of your camera or whatever?
no such luck. Why do these f**king things always have to be so long winded!! All I want to do is look at some bloody photo's!!!!!!!

It doesn't even acknowledge its there now, I have to manually go into my computer double click e drive but it just gives me back "insert disc" Thanks for your help anyway, I'll have to take it back & order one of the usb wires that connect from my camera directly into the laptop
There are about 200 pics on the card so I have waited a while as even though it says "insert disc" the cursor behind stays in "hourglass" mode. I'm thinking perhaps because there are alot of pics on there its taking a while but after 10 mins nothing changes.
Is it a slot that takes a few cards? The memory stick one on mine can be a bit tricky sometimes as it takes MS & MS duo in the same hole... could be worth having a fiddle?
  RB 182
Was something I thought of too, of all the card readers I've tried on USB I've not needed drivers for them.

What type of card are you using?