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  clio ph1 16v

Can anyone post these vidio clips for me im havin probs with the uploader:oops:?

They are of a friends willys clio from greece racing an s2000 and a type R civic..

Thanks Mark......;)

the uploader doesnt work anymore and wont take vids anyway! you need someone with webspace! someone might help you out
  Ziel Nurburgring

Need a host, do you have your own webspace as you could just stick it on that. The uploader is just for pics, when it was working that it.
  clio ph1 16v

of coarse it was on a private road Darth.;)..

Sorry zorba im not greek but i have a friend that is driving the car on the vids that is...:D..

i dont have my own web space so could anyone host this for me and put it on...?

so what do we do now to get pics and that up people...?is this why my pic has disapeared from my name...? how do i get it back up????