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My drivers side window wont come up!!! i dont semm to be able to get the door trim off......anybody help? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Firstly this should be in interior....

...secondyl. remove the handle(top prises off) and the latch handle, and the pocket and any speakers attached to the door card, cant remember if there are any screws around the edge.....if there are remove them, then just pull hard, there are clips and a lovley line of stickey mastic around the outside......door card wil come off, not really any more then a 15 minute job tops tbh

The door card doesnt seem to want to come away where the speaker is.....ive had a good look and cant see any screws...ive used moderate force and am scared something is gonna break.......i found 2 pieces of plastic in the bottom of the door and there seems to be a cable end that isnt connected to up and wedged with a piece of wood for now..but till i get the door card off im stuck!!!