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Hi there.
i have a problem :-(
i have chip & filter (piper) .
when i put the piper
i have noice (knocking)
from 5.5k rpm
what could the problem ?
please help me

clio172 mk2
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I have the Piper filter - no knocking. Take out the Piper and fit the original filter - if the knocking goes away its the filter, but I doubt it.

if it ONLY does it with the filter.. it MAY be detonation.. aghhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

please can you desribe the knocking

all the time ??

Under acceleration only ??

etc etc.


im think its a detonation too
when i acceleration from 2th gear 3th
from 5500-7500 (with a chip)

its happend only with the filter

captain what wrong
and how can fix it ?
  BMW 320d Sport

Do you mean knocking as in rattling exhaust noises, or knocking as in cylinder detonation?

If its detonation, and it didnt do it before you put on the filter, then the obvious answer is that the air/fuel ratio is too lean and it needs richening up. You should try and get the chip reprogrammed to deal with this.