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Hey all - Newbie needing help

  clio 1.2
hey all

thought id sign up and pick at your brains :) and learn more about clio in the process

right i have a big problem and im running out of ideas - trying to save it from scrap as its not a bad car

basically got a 53 clio dynamic - 1.2 16v and has got a fault

it had a leaky sunroof which has since been resealed and is now bone dry.

this is a starting problem - the car will be fine 1 min and not want to start the next however since sorting the sunroof hasnt been a issue

last night on country road came round a corner and lost side lights, main beam, dip, indecators, hazards, elec windows (which i need to shut asap) and cars not starting. - oh and central locking isnt working now either and got no immobiliser light at all. other lights on dash work but it wont start or even try to start.

obd isnt coming up with anything and its had a new battery.

so has anyone got any ideas - oh and sorry for the essay on my welcome post - could do with valuable advice