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Hey Craggy! Seen my new profile.....

  320d M Sport

I reckon cos I came from Manchester the flies on my bonnett and front bumper slowed me I noticed Craggy had a NASA developed beesting Aerial, Ive heard they can chop 0.5 secs off on a good day....
  320d M Sport

Aint looking good is it? Damn.
Id better get practising again.
By the way Joe, you still got my Graph?

I will have had my 12K service next time we meet so i hope to go a bit quicker as it not been running so smoothly the last 1K miles. might take my spare wheel out and turn up with a bit less petrol in next time
  mk2 172

he he he, ill be glad when someone beats me, will show that your efforts have paid off, then ill go back to puttin my foot all the way down again if i can be arsed ill loose the spare next time, just had 2 new front tyres today, might make a difference from those "slicks" i was runnin the other day. look forward to the next northern meet, if you read my other thread on "2nd gear at 80mph" it dont sound to good, nick hill reckons i might have bent valves or bruised pistons or summat. shes not soundin too sweet at the mo. might be poorly, and after doin so well the other day. knew i shouldnt have raced that scooby!. might bring my rimes down a bit if my engine dont blow up first!


Ive been out for a 1hr 30 minute practise round the Peaks. Got my gear change down to a fine art bang on the change light. Gonna open a can of my famous WhoopAss on Craggy now

  320d M Sport

I think you gotta join the queue Rhys as there a few of us....bit like that scene in Airplane where they all line up to smack that woman!!

Anyway, Ill get me coat.