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hi i am from basildon its near southend!! dunno if you know it but i was told about this site and i joined. what i can gather so far it seems cool i just gotta get to know peps i am ben by the way u?
  172 sport,

hi ben i know it well used to work for aherns waste disposal in bazzo live in rayleigh i take it your going to the southend meet then most of us local lot are going what colour ya got

i got a silver 172 u cant miss it really its covered in sticker and has a extra spoiler on top wiv OZ 17s. Yeah i have booked the day off. i work at highway in orion court right near aherns. what clio you got then?
  172 sport,

know it well used to come round in me dustcart it still has yogi on the door and i left there over a year ago anyway mines a silver mk2 with twin remus on the back soon to be lowered on 17"s or 18"s poss 19"s if it aint much work yous sounds like you should bring it to donny south and show it interested?????