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Hi Everyone

Hi peeps, i have just joined, i have recently bought a clio 1.4rt, altho it had 5doors arrgghh, i hear u cry!!

Looking to do it up a bit then move up to a 1.8 rsi (i think it is) in feb

Im from Northampton, and go crusing all the time! down southers most saturdays!

Anyway just wanted to say hi, so HI

Cool, i am deffinatly inpressed with the site!!

Took me a while to find a decent clio site, 1500 memebers is quite an achievment

Yay.. Another 5 Door Clio.
Starting to mod mine now, and I LOVE it.

Modded 5 doors are that little more different - which is a good thing I think.


yep daz i do agree with ya there

esp if you shave the rear handles off and smooth it, gives the car a whole different look, my mighty 5 door isnt for keep tho i might do a few bits but thatll be it.

Then on to another clio come feb !! whahoo

ah, Im keeping mine... After Ive done all I want to do to it, I wont want to get rid of it..

Dehandling is cool, I ALWAYS wanted to do it to my car, but, after looking at a few pics of the car without the rear handles, there seems to be something missing. Dunno what, it just looks, plain... although, its personal preference again