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HIC - I Love You


ClioSport Club Member

Just got my inusrance renewal through from HIC, £446 TPFT. Down from £700. Still pretty harsh on a 1.2, but considering 5 points and a claim, 2 Years NCB.

Recomended to members.

Discount as well.


ClioSport Club Member

I recomend them even more now.

Put my Mum on it, it went down another £70.


£388.91, milage limited to 12K. Woo Hoo!


ClioSport Club Member

No links, phone number though:

01279 719 932.

Cliosport Dsicount as well for members.


ClioSport Club Member

Quote: Originally posted by Pete on 24 March 2005

Might try them for my renewal, but been quoted £430 fc on the 172 already by priviledge.
I hate old people. ;)

Your insurance is so bloody cheap.

My Mum refused her insurance with someone because they tried to charge her £200 on a 2L, 24V V6 Mazda. She got it for some ridiculously low amount somewhere else.


ClioSport Club Member

erm, 01279 719932.

That is the number in my phone, and that goes straight through to them for me.

They were on the long list of insurers that was pinned, but I dunno where that has gone.

They were also in the members area of the site under discounts.


ClioSport Club Member

HIC - 08451 290 290

Taken from the pinned "all you want to know about insurance" post.

Hope that helps.
  172 cup

I was with HIC paying 550 on my 306 2.0 Xsi. When i got my cup they wanted 1600 per year, as its a high value car and they mostly cater for older low value hot hatches. Was 4 months away from an extra years NCB which i lost. Bummer.

Ended up going with Elephant. They suck but they were the cheapest.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

one thing to remember.............NEVER EVER ACCEPT HIC RENEWAL!!! its extorsionate!!Ring them at renewal and they will do it cheaper! They did for me. I had to claim through them too thanks to TWOCERS! My renewal came in at £2200 for a 1.2 16v LOL! I am with elephant now. HIC were good, but they have had their day with me - for now anyway!

Great with mods too!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Has anyone ever had to make a claim with HIC? Ive had bad experiences in the past with small insurance companies that are very cheap...

Also, have any young 172 drivers used HIC? Ive always found admiral to be the cheapest by far for me. (21, 0 ncb)

Yes, I did a couple of years ago. Total nightmare and the accident wasnt my fault which really ticked me off. Took nearly 3 months to get my car fixed thanks to them and the underwriters dithering around.

Brother had to make a claim with HIC, went through easy enough.

Renewals are a joke but just phone them up and theyll get you a great price!


ClioSport Club Member

they turned me away, im 21 and have a valver, didt ask anymore they just said no, i have elephant as the cheapest at the mo, insurance is up start of april


ClioSport Club Member

Well my renewal was £450, which was down nearley £300.

When I phoned them (to accept the quote), the guy on the other end said "bare with me, might be able to get it cheaper", added my Mum and increased the milage to 12K, and it went down another £70.

Hopefully (fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc) I wont have to expierience their claims procedure.

Elephant were the next cheapest at £700 (12 month policy).

Like I said, done well for me.