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hid 8000k bulbs

do halfords sell these replacement bulbs? my car came with them and i have no idea if the they are actually 8000k? the previous owner put them in.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi RS3, Clio 172
If there a aftermarket set a could sell you some for a £10 posted av got 6000k and 8000k doesnt matter what bulb temperture your currently using aslong as there 35w ballasts you can use ethier. Bulb fitments are h1
they are very blue, so i assume theyre 8000k, ive decided to get 6000k bulbs from hiddirect. now, may sound stupid, but on the plastic cover it says danger voltage can kill? so is it not safe to simply unclip the bulb and replace it? i wear rubber gloves when working on the car anyway? lol