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Hidden secrets

Can anyone here get me as much info on a renault as pos? I want to know as much as i can about a car. Anyone?

Or anyone know how to go bout getting info on a car? I can HPI it but its not gonna tell me everything. Renault wont give the info out unless you own the car.

So can anyone help?

Thanx in advance.


  Shiny red R32

Why dont you ask the person who owns it? They know more about it than anyone else! What sort of things do you want to know?

Tony - you sound as if you are suspicious of this particular car?! Are you considering buying it? If you have suspicions, unless it is a particuiarly good buy I would avoid it - if you cant trust its history it possibly isnt worth a light !

p.s. how the devil are ya??? not spoken or seen since Saaaaffffend!!!!

GR if it has a bent history the owner isnt gonna tell me bout it is he? Well south of the border they dont???

Kathy i am fine ta luv. Hows yourself and your little possy going?

I need to find out bout this car. There must be people out here who can help. Anyone????

HPI will tell you if it has been written off and if it has credit history wont it? Nothing will tell you whether its a ringer though !!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Mines got a bit of a chequered history - but it comes up clean with HPI. Cant you get the VIN number mate, and then pretend its yours?


  Shiny red R32

Tony, as someone else said, if you are doubtful about this car - leave it alone!

If it has been stolen and you pay good money for it you will lose everything. There must be plenty of other cars which you could look at.


They will have, they will be able to give you all the old owners details, but they may not, due to Data protection, dont know for sure. One thing I did, when i brought my valva was check the receipts and there should be names and address on them of the owner at the time. Chances are if they are the old owner they will know if they have scratched/crashed or written off the car. hope this helps.

HPI will say if its a insurance wright off only and if its still on credit.

I could get the vin number but cant see thats gonna help.

The car is a genuine car, there is just complications, isnt there always! I want to know more, i am greedy like that. And i very much doubt it was ever a wright off, too new.

Gr lots more cars out there, but they cost alot more too. Its this car or no car i am afraid.

LOL @ neil!!!!!

Kathy being a member of the admin should u really be straying from the topic? And in this forum??? Bad girl! bet your being told off in your secret admin section!

Errrrm, i cant see that i am gonna get anywhere. Recon ill just have to take a chance. Well ill HPI it, see if renault can tell me anything, and even give the DVLA a go. Cant see that there can be any thurther probs on it then.