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High Beach

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday, twas a cracking end to the week shame we didnt get any food though well have to make the meet a little earlier to get some grub, maybe book up a pub meal.

Also Sorry to Wez and Andy, as I managed to take them round a tour of Essex

People who turned up where

John (Night Icon) & Claire (spelling) - Red 16V
Daz (Dazman) & Misses - Williams 3
Andy - Williams 2
Chris (Yogi) & Misses - Silver 172 Mk2
Tony (TonyKL) - Silver 172 Mk2
Mark (Blaze) - Silver 172 Mk2
Jaine (Squirt 172) & Friend - Silver 172 Mk2 (Squirt)
Neil (Neil V6) & Mate - Silver V6
Wes (Wes24v) & Co. - Soon to be Silver 172 Mk2
Ivan (ChavyBoy) - Red 172 Mk2 (Ursula)

I will post the piccys I have on here tomorrow.

Also where was Nick Read Uh Hum.. ?

Cheers CB

Yes i was a good day, apart from seeing half of essex on the way there.:)

Just wish i had our 172 as the Mondeo was felt a bit left out.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah top effort Chav for kinda organising it all, even though you couldnt remember where to meet everyone!!

Hope to see yall again!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I lost it after I found you cant turn off from the M11. BTW Good traffic Light grand Prix quick little motor you have there.

Thanks 4 sorting this out !! It was good to have these small meets so that people can put a face and name to the car.

Post some pics when you get time


Small change to Name
Daz (Dazman) & Misses - Williams 3
Gazza & Misses
  Williams 2, STi N12


Yeah its not bad..seeing as it is standard and nearly 7 years old now!

Just about touched the rev limiter on the M25!! It was a it again sometime.
  BMW 320d Sport

Sorry mate - couldnt make it back in time! It took ages getting my 15s on the front and stripping out the car etc, so I didnt get to North Weald until 10am. By then they werent signing on any more cars, so it was either go home and then come all the way back later for High Beach, or head for Santa Pod to try and get some action. Anyway I went for Santa Pod, by the time I got there theyd finished signing on as well! They said they might let a few more cars run in the afternoon, but even by 3 I couldnt get on. In the end Mat swapped plates with me and I took a run on his reg (which was a crap 15 second time anyway cos my gas ran out *again*). By the time I left the Pod it was 4:30 and it was too late to come along to the meet!

Sounds like you had a good one though, I will definitely try and make it to the next.

Yep, was good to meet everyone.
Didnt end up going home on the M25, instead took the A406, ended up much quicker even though there was a lot of traffic.
  172 sport,

yer and no comando action from me next time well done all who turned up and as b4 sweet little blast through harlow must have looked well sweet having 3 mk2 172s and a v6 all in silver canning it through harlow one behind the other just glad there wasn,t any plod abaat any way see you all next time and i promise i will be on time and won,t stack it off the bench


hiya everyone,

V glad met all U peeps. Without sounding boring "great bunch", sorry wimpd out of B K . Sorry the road from the pub "off to the right" should be clearer and good fun.

Looking forward to another.

even think I may do 1/4s. When is anyone at North Weald or closer than the Peak District.

Sorry Rhys, Paddy, Joe, Craggy and all. Guess the HUGE drive is too much for my poor ol London mota!!!LOL

Just love to meet all the great people!!!!!!!!

  Williams 2, STi N12

Eh Yogi

Dont forget poor little me. I was hanging on to the tail very nicely thankyou...3 silver 172s..V6 and my ickle Willy. Great the people we swamped didnt know what hit them!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Forgot about you acrobatics on the bench

BTW here are the photos which where any good.
From left to right cars as follows

Neil V6
I was impressed when Anders opened up his boot of his williams and this little beauty was on show. Nice conversion Andy !!
Squirt is on the right with the meshed grill and Tonys car is on the left standard grill.
  BMW 320d Sport

Mark - I used to say I didnt wanna go up North for quarter miling until I went to York...its a different story now I finally did it. You should come up in October for the final RWYB event up there, its a mellow drive up the A1 and Im further away than you are. York is well worth it, you get plenty of runs in unlike Santa Pod/North Weald/Avon Park.

WOW, Squirt is well chuffed with being in the photos. Says he feels all famous now! He is off to hospital soon for a new exhaust as cat gone. Thanks again peeps see you all 14th Sept for roast dinner..x p.s mesh is now right way round as garage admitted they put it on backwards!!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah, had a little trouble squeezing it in but it was worth it. The firing sequence takes the piss really!

What a fantastic motor! Lucky git.