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High flow catalytic converters

  Clio 182 full fat
Hi to one and all,I have just fitted a ktech high flow cat but have been recently told that it will not pass an m.o.t is this correct and has anyone had a problem like this ?so if any other members have any information please please help.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 Cup
Mine passed with a 200 cell magnaflow last year.

The main issue that I can see is they don't seem to last very long, hence the 6 month warranty ktec do (last time i checked). Don't expect it to pass an mot in several years time basically.


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
Your other option is to just have a cheapie cat you sling in for MOT time
  Clio 182 full fat
Not really good is it £306 spent good job I have the original cat still but now seems pointless paying that ,well I suppose I will wait and see what happens thanks for the help took the car for a run and got about 3 miles up the road and the bloody blanking bolt fell out so that was the end of that sounded like a tractor on the way back lol.


ClioSport Club Member
Ive got the Ktec sports cat on mine and it passed its MOT no problems. It’ll be going in for it’s second MOT with it on next month, so I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve only done around 3000 miles in the car with it fitted but no issues so far. I’ll admit that I’m thinking about swapping back to a decat after it gets another years ticket on it so I can save the Ktec cat for MOT’s. There’s a rattle starting to happen under my car though and it’s either my center pipe of the exhaust going (I hope) or the cat is starting to fall apart. I’ve gone under the car and whacked it a few times and can’t seem to hear it mind you.

Mine still triggers the EML light every now and then but that may be down to the absolute shite home brew map the previous owner had on it.

As long as you’re not doing mega mileage, you’ll be fine. Unless you’re willing to pay the silly prices OEM cats go for these days, it either an eBay special or a more expensive Magnaflow/Ktec sports cat.
  Clio 182 full fat
Yes been there done that had a decat pipe fitted so every year climb under car remove decat replace with cat get through m.o.t and reverse processe getting to old for that at 52 so that's why I bought the k teck one to save all tha hassle