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Hillpower Rolling Road remap v Group N Ecu

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
I have been waiting 6 weeks for a renault grp n ecu from hill power only to be told that they have stopped making them for my model car. I have now decided to get hill power to remap the ecu on the rolling road, the cost is supposed to be just under 400 but hillpower have done me a great deal because of the wait. Is this a better idea than buying an off the shelf chip from deemon tweeks for example? are hill power any good?

any advice would be great
Miles better than a off the shelf chip.

The ECU will be programed uniquely to your car where as a off the shelf chip was programed on another car.
Much better, as long as the person mapping the car is good at it. Having never had any experience of hillpower i cant comment, although nick does have a good reputation
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
Hillpower are the best! Nick did a fantastic job on my clio and miles better than any off the shelf product because of what has been said above. If nick maps it and then rr's it and then thinks it can give even more power he will map it again and again until optimum performance
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
cheers lads, thats given me some confidence, not lookin forwrd to hearin my car on the rollers though!!! it might go
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
on my 1.2 I saw gains of 8bhp but with a bigger engine it could be higher, it also makes the car a lot more responsive, in terms of bhp - £ its well worth it.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
8 Bhp Is A Massive Gain, Nick Told Me On My Car, I Can Expect Anything Between 3-8bhp With The Current Mods Which Are:
Cat Back Custom S/s Zorst
Piper X Induction Kit

He Is Based In Derby. I Will Put All The Details Of The Session On Here When Its Done, Hopefully Also A Video
I'd be suprised if you've seena real 8hp gaian in the midrange maybe but not on the top end.
3-5 is a good estimate for a 172.