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How are these?

  Partner's Astra SRi
Added these to the Photo comp but thought I'd just post them here too to get some feedback. Feel that these are the best pictures I've taken in ages. Taken with my fiance's Kodak EasyShare Z650 (No idea if that's good or not.....)

Anyhoo, let me know what you think







  Partner's Astra SRi
Thanks. I am pleased with them.

Wish my sixth form had had a photography course.....I probably would have spent more time in sixth form then.
composition wise they look good but they are as boring and as flat as hell imho they need more vibrancy they need to pop a bit more
  Partner's Astra SRi
Any advice on how I can acheive that? Don't have photoshop and it's the first time I'd used my fiance's camera.
  Partner's Astra SRi
Haven't really got anything....maybe I should invest in some. I know about photoshop and I know how to use it but it is quite pricey. Anyone recommend any others?
  Partner's Astra SRi
Perhaps I sharpened too much. Was only sharpened 2% though.

Might look into getting that then if it's only £50
  Partner's Astra SRi
Really wish I got into photography earlier. I like my fiance's camera. I have a s**tty Nikon Coolpix 7600 which takes a million years to take a photo! Barry's Kodak was so quick and the macro was so much better than my camera.
  R.I.P Zonda S
Top tip, dont use a built-in flash :)

Shoot in A/Av mode (open wide) or bump the iso. If you have a tripod, even better.

Just a random tip.

[ unsharp mask! and get correct exposure and whitebalance, especially if you aren't shooting raw ]
  Partner's Astra SRi
Didn't use flash.

The rest, I have no idea about. As I've said, first time I'd used the camera and was just playing. As it's not my camera I didn't want to fiddle with settings....