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How bad is the sunroof prob

How bad is the "creasing" in the roof problem? Im looking for a Williams and the newer and better - the better. Most Willie 3s have sunroofs and having done a search a few people seem to have this problem. Does it happen to all clios? I dont really want to pay up tp 6k for a car thats going to crease. LOL It certainly would lose a big chunk of its value.
  Golf GTi DSG

Willy 1s are the only ones without sunroofs I think, better handling because of this so Ive been told! Stronger roof less body roll or summit like that! Sunroof problem happens to a hell of a lot of mk1 Clios though.

i own a Willy 3 with sunroof and it is fine - i have had no problems - either with creasing or electrics. Between me, my brother and sister, we have owned 3 valvers (2 phase 1s, and 1 phase2) plus a williams - they all had sunroofs and there was never a prob. the mileages are 24k (my willy3) to over 90k for my sisters/brother in laws valver...and all has been ok.

However, I have heard of clios with sunroofs having probs, but it certainly isnt inevitable. My advice would be to find the lowest mileage / best maintained willy you can find - whether that be a 1, 2, or 3 and have a long test drive to judge how "tight" each car feels.

By the way, willy 1 and 2s have NO sunroof.

Thank you for your replies, there is a Willie 3 I fancy but the sunroof thing does put me off slightly. Has anyone heard of a Willie with creasing - ive looked through the search and cant find any?

my clio has creases ariund the sunroof and it only has 25K on the clock. been told that it is because of the firmness of my coilovers, before i put them on. it is a very common problem on clios therefore i dont see y it should decrease value a lot

LOL are they obvoius across the roof or just a bit on the sunroof? or do you have to unfold your car every time you go out:D Making it handy for taking on Holiday Only kidding BTW.
  clio 20v

ive seen clean 16vs roof and you cant tell unless it was pointed out to you and its not bad theres just a small crease behind the sunroof in the middle youd hav to look very hard to see it, would think it would only occur on very hard suspension as well, mines lowered 40mm on 17s and mines ok

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Mines got em. One at the drivers side at the side of the sunroof and one on the passenger side which is slightly worse. Im gonna see if a dentman can pull em out cos it annoys me hehe. Ill let you know what happens, heard I might have to have the sunroof taken out to fix it. then refitted again!! Its not that noticeable. I didnt notice it when I bought mine. Dunno how it came really