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How Do You Know If A Head Gasket Is Going / Gone

  172 SPORT PH2
my gf, just bought a new 2008 Twingo GT Turbo, i think the gasket is on its way out, after i was checking the oil, and checking the cap, all the way inside the cap, and on the cap its got a like cream colour gunk .. to me this suggest the gasket is going...

It doesnt smoke , blue black white etc etc , just gunky round the cap ...

Am i correct saying the gasket is on its way ?
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Gunk on the cap usually = fucked HG or some other how water is getting in the coolant.

However it's not a guarantee - it may just be condensation in there.
I had this on my 07 clio extreme its common on them take it back to renault and see what they say but nothing was up with mine
  172 mk2 Iceberg
could just be short trips

clean it out and do some "normal" long runs in it see if it returns...

is there an oily film on the top of water in expansion tank ?
  172 SPORT PH2
pics guys :





Miliage - 11,000 2008 Reg
  172 SPORT PH2
i thought inside the cap if its gunk, that cream stuff around and inside the cap, thats not oil?

My Bad if not , you just have to be sure of these things dont ya ?!
  a black one
I'm not an expert but I think its probably just a tiny bit of condensation, certainly doubt the head gasket is on its way after a11k miles and 1 year old. Get it back to renault to be checked, its still under warranty.
I did an oil change, And stopped doing just trips round the corner, Instead making sure i drove it so the engine was hot, And the white residue hasnt returned.