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How fast can you go


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

While making enquiries for new tyres I was kindly informed.

" With your speed rating, you should not exceed 168mph Sir"

I said I wasnt too worried because at that speed, I would probably pass out before the tyres blew out, so I wouldnt know much about it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Rob .. I find speed relative. If you hit a wall at 110mph, the relatives gather round you.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

No I dont think so TB1, the highest I went was just over 155. I doubt if it would do much more. ( its not really supposed to )

141 up a slight incline, clock indicated but dunno how accurate the clocks are.

didnt like it either....sounded scary.

  clio 20v

130 on the motorway but got scared cos i had to go round a bend and it doesnt feel too safe at that speed, small hatches arnt supposed to go that fast


Although Ive never done it since, out of curiousity I found mine was 135mph according to the clock (probably about 125-130mph: book is 127mph).

When Ive got a roof rack on, top speed reads 110mph!

same here ben, racing a Golf GTI on my way down to Bosten, i had my GF in the car too!! it made me laugh as the golf must have maxed out at about 120mph... every time the golf got near to me.. i stuck my foot down watching the golf fade out in the distance.. then slowed down again for him to catch up, then put my foot down again giving him a cheeky grin through my rear view mirror to piss the golf driver off even more!! haha

my gf had her eyes closed all the way, opening them every now and then to check the speedo! the weird thing is though, @ 134 - 135 mph it actually felt like it had a big more "poke" in it... if it wasnt for the nail in the rear of my tyre and bends coming up as if they where 90degress turns i think i would have seen 135 plus!!!

thing is Ben, my valver is standard.. with only a magnex cat back system, your valver has had head work hasnt it? and aslo has a 5th injection!? i know my car hasnt been chipped as ive hit the rev limiter a few times.. chipped valvers goto 7200rpm dont they?

i really cant wait for BBPT RR, as im sure my valver is much quicker then most std... we shall see.
  2012 WRX Waggon

I managed 135mph (indicated) in the wifes A4 1.8T, though as its the SE and not fitted with sports suspenders it was a very strange experience.

Quote: Originally posted by rockport on 04 January 2003

i know my car hasnt been chipped as ive hit the rev limiter a few times.. chipped valvers goto 7200rpm dont they?

A standard valver limiter is at 7200rpm

I have had mine chipped and it goes to about 7800rpm

i have managed 100mph in 3rd gear before hitting 7800rpm

not gonna do that to often me thinks!!!

About 135-140 in the clio (indicated). Been quite a bit faster on the bike though (2001 Yamaha R1). Did an indicated 175.. only 35 mph faster but it feels sh1t loads quicker.
  Clio 197

Willy: Rev limited 6500rpm in 5th. Perfectly legally on the Autobahn. And comfortable enough as long as the lorries and caravans stay in the right lane.

Been lots faster in fast cars though, 165 or so in an M3 and 180+ as a passenger in a 959 once.

Got a speedo photograph of the Willy maxed out, but I havent a clue how to post it. If somebody wants it let me know...


Hmmm so im the closest then!

167mph in a subaru imp turbo (with breathing mods) and Z rated tyres (good job and its scary at that speed before anyone asks!)


150+ in an Impreza, otherwise my RT managed 114 with a few mates in, thats pre-rebuild though, so Id hope for 115ish now... not with the 16s on though! Most I can get it to now is about 95... On a flat motorway... erm runway, it felt quite placid, until I came off the motorway and found Id somehow got a puncture... Made me think twice about doing it again!

had my valver at a fraction below 6800 revs in 5th, with willy engine (chip, filter, exhaust, r19 16v gearbox), speedo wasnt workin as i had no speedo cable

I once raced a mk4 golf (V5t) down the M18 on to the M62 @ about 138mph, although I was probably going a bit quicker than that because Im running on 205/40/17 tyres, so I was probably doing about 145mph.

Absolutely nothing between me and the Golf though, we were almost bumper to bumper. :D

Dont want to pee on your fire Dave, but I doubt that a 16v will do 145mph. Mat Browns is probably the most powerful and fastest 16v/Willy there is and he got 132mph on proper testing equipment. The 17s will add only a tiny, tiny fraction in terms of top speed, if at all. Even a Clio 3.0 V6 will have trouble doing a tried and tested 145mph. ;)

Got pulled over for speeding on my mountain bike a few years ago!:eek:

I was bombing down a hill without a care when suddenly a Police motorcyclist came from nowhere and shouted over to me to pull over! He said I was doing 38mph in a 30 area and gave me a huge telling off!

i got caught for speeding last week!!

my valver had been feeling slow so i thought i would boot it on motorway to c, i was doing 125mph keeping an eye on the rear view, slowed down at my slip road and as i got to end of it i saw a land rover police car in my rear view. bollox. he pulled me over and as i was getting in his car his radio crackled with the details of my car and asking if he still needed back up!!! he replied saying "no. ive caught him now, didnt think i would" bollox. he said he was doing 110mph and i was moving away from him with considerable pace. he said he will pretend i was doing 97mph to avoid me losing my license straight away!! oh well, 9 points, on my second license and im only 19. gutted

Sh!t mate! I guess Im just really lucky. Fast car, 22 years old and a clean license (touch wood) - guess thats what comes of not driving that often and living in Wales most of the time!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by Ben H on 05 January 2003

More than 38mph?!:D

Ive always seen the top speed quoted as 145-7mph for the Clio V6 Mk1.
Similar to my 172 the book said tops at 137 and I managed (like many have ) 145 many a time.

The V6 also does more than the book safely indicates.

The biggest problem in seeing if it will do even more (which I doubt ) is that by the time your doing 155 a bend is usually in veiw, and theres no way on earth I am going to carry on.
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

v6 - ment to be limited to 150, get the chip sorted and it should then see 180. as told by neal and his v6.

my rt - 4th gear limiter on slight hill (going down of course) 108, 5th gear 120 redline. i have tried to make it got past the redline in 5th but it wont budge.

(on private road)

Ben H,

Referring to dave77, i got a true 132 but only had a strip of less than 2 miles to do it, so i could probably wind it up a bit more over a longer distance. I didnt have much left but i stopped looking at the dials and started concentrating on the fast approching bend!