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How is my mate fixed with no MOT

  Blue Clio 182
My mates car got nicked last night, only since getting all the documents out has she realised the MOT ran out at the end of September this year, is the insurance void? will she get in trouble?
  A4 Avant
If the MOT get requested and they didn't have a current one, I'm pretty sure the insurance shall be void!
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
no, the insurance wont be void, all she has to say is the car was due for mot, but she had it booked in at renault etc.. to get the brakes changed. if she was driving then it would have been a problem, possibly... but if it was stolen from drive / garage, then it wasn't on the road, so mot is not applicable. insurance don't require you to get mot.
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
also she could have been working away for a month, or on holiday, etc... or using friends car for that month until she got her brakes done for mot. so mot won't be an issue