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How many animals have you killed

Not intentionally of course, but as I live out in the sticks animals top the annoyance meter! And no matter how hard you try to avoid them the inevitable always happens. In my seven years of driving I’ve removed from the food chain 2 sparrow’s, 4 pheasants, 1 duck, 3 baby rabbits 2 adult rabbits, 1 pigeon, 1 badger, and a friggin great big dear!!

They rip off your spoilers, dent alloys and blood stain your paint and in the case of the dear stove the front of my golf gti and put his hove through my radiator! All because he couldn’t use a pedestrian crossing. I’m sure there’s a downside for the animals I’m not seeing here, but they are annoying!
  Clio 197

I try to eat my roadkill if it isnt too badly mangled. Ive had some lovely pheasant and rabbit. I leave the cats though...

Ive never hit a deer though but once went through a herd of them on the road at damn near 100! Close call that! Just missed a cow once. That would have been a real mess but Id be in beef for a year!

Well Ive never killed any large animals, but if you want to count the amount of splats on the h/lights, w/screen and bumper due to mossies and flies, were probably into the billion mark!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh dear, talk about road kill! it looks like you need a set of bull bars! Ive only ever hit a rabbit, baby fox (awww) and a squirrel.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Killed one Pheasant within 5mins of my first driving lesson, took its head clean off, feathers went everywhere. Other than that I do not recall ever running over anything that was still alive.
  7.6cc :D

Nothing im pleased to say! exept insects

I did hit a human once though, but it apologised for being in the road and walked away unhurt!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Loads of pigeons, 1 sparrow and 1 really daft and/or suicidal guinea fowl which was crossing the motor way, had already crossed my lane and was halfway across the next lane when it suddenly decided to turn around and run right back at my car...sigh, was only doing 60
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I have only killed 2 animals, 1 rabbit a while back and very recently a deer. I hit the deer in the Shogun fortunately not in the clio.

Hit a cat in Guildford once, but it survived.


My dad hit a labrador in his 21turbo at about 80 once...its suprising just how much damage a dog can do. Had a paw stuck in the grille when he got the car home

1 cat that wrecked my oxy probe as it barrel rolled under my pug, selfish thing - theyre a bugger to get out with whiskas ridden intestine all over them!

animal lovers, im not serious...

..oh and a psychotic ex girlfriend.

  7.6cc :D

Sorry to be a boring cow, but im not impressed with this topic!, perhaps a little more remorse should be shown by some people, especially thing.....that labrador was someones pet, sod what it did it you car!

as i live out in the country i have hit a few rear animals as well, i accidentaly ran over a snake (the big ones are very diffucult to avoid)

and sadly i hit an owl, he was just stood on the road with his back to me, i couldnt see him till i got close, he span his head all the way round without moving his feet and "bosch"

there was nothing i could do,

but it a natural-ish part of the food chain, and nothing goes to waste,

I hit a baby rabbit the other day while out for a drive in the country with the girlfriend..

She was so adamant that I could have avoided it, ( I couldnt it was dark, was only doing about 40, and it literally ran out from a hedge straight under the car), that she refused to talk to me all the way home!!!

just browsin through this old post....have to say i have beaten everyone - went to south africa recently and ran over and killed a puff adder because a SA local told us to! they are deadly and there are too many of them! we left a nice tyre tred mark through it! lol!
  Megane 225 baby! :)

Our guide in Mexico ran over a huge iguana in February!!! By god did we know that we had hit it!!!

Got a cat on my motorbike once under full acceleration. Damn thing nearly threw me off as the back wheel scwirmed all over the place and kicked again when it hit road !!!!
  Audi S3

Only hit 1 rabbit! thingis its best to not try and avoid it by swerveing etc as u can end up crashing and id rater it be the animal than me! (and i dont care if thats cold or selfish!)
  clio 20v

hit a couple of rats managed to miss most other things that run out

nearly hit this guy last week at a ton who decided to cross the duel carrideway rather than walkin 100yds to the bridge, he looked like a startled rabbit as he stopped in the middle of the rd not knoin which way to run

serves him rite lazy fuker


Hit 2 pigeons at the same time a few years back - took out a headlight and left a bloody great dent in the bonnet of my old MK1 Escort.

I remember a sitcom from ages ago (no idea what it was called) where two of the characters had the following conversation -

Character A : Damn, a bird just shattered my windsreen.

Character B : Ill get you a cloth.

Character A : No, SHATTERED!