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How many muppets does it take........ change a 172 oil filter?


Sorry, six Kwick Fit car technicians and 2 hours!

I droped the car off and the guy says itll be an hour and twenty, I can see they have a bit of work on so I bugger off into town. An hour and a quarter later back I come, the car is up on the ramp with 6 techs round it. Hmmmmm having trouble with the oil filter me thinks. They stand around for ten minutes pointing and dicussing the issue, at one point someone goes away and comes back with a long screwdriver and a ***king great hammer! I wonder over to see whats going on before he touches my car and the chaps explain that they are having issues with the filter SUPRISE SUPRISE. We agree that they will refill it with Mobil1 at no charge and I will take it to a Renault dealer for them to sort it. I go back to the counter and wait when a primal cry of victory eminates from the bay and the smallest guy in Kwick Fit comes out covered in blood and oil holding a Renault oil filter, Hurrah! They will be able to charge me £34 after all.

Everyone who drove it (only 20 feet) said they thought it was a lovely car

They also said that they would try to get it make golbal policy to refuse to work on one ever again! Ha Ha thatll teach them.

Whilst in there I also witness the most blatent rip off ever as a poor unsuspecting customer was charged £340 to supply and fit three tyres for a Vecta GLS! Me thinks there is some sort of commision applied at Kwick Fit.

I also witnessed a C reg Escort ESTATE with a touring car spoiler, car was white, spolier was BLACK! what a heap of cr*p.

What a fun day, car is running Mobil1 with new filter and Ive had a laugh at the expence of others, GREAT!


Kwik Fit Maidstone in fact, but all creedit to them they did an alright job after they got the filter off and the oil looks clean and fresh.

MB the primal cry bit!!! wuality

the screwdriver was to ram through the filter so they can twist it...dont damage the car.....IF theu do it right! lol

I dont like kwik fit, they rip off no knowledge individuals! They tell you stuff is wrong with your car when it isnt and they take stuff off ie rear brake drums and claim they cant put it back, i have learnt the hard and expensive way, good luck to you Mat, you got a good laugh out of them. Finally some one takes the piss out of kwik fit!

Rant over, sorry just dont like them, i hope i have not offended anyone, if i have sorry in advance.:oops: