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how much is a V1 in the UK

friend of mine is importing V1 detector from the US. He is selling them at about 400 pounds locally. How does his price compare to that in the UK?

Hahahaha thats cool.

"The Valentine One is the only detector with two radar antennas -- one front and one rear -- to scan all around your car and precisely locate each radar threat."

You want someone sitting in the passanger seat tell you the warnings now. "We got an unidentified radar lock, range 200 metres and closing"


529 pounds?? That snooper is a criminal. You poor clio boys in the UK are being robbed. I can send you as many as you want for 450 including shipping and insurance.

But V1 is expensive in the UK. The two I am going to give u are new, factory sealed, latest model. Can een teach u how to set it to suit the UK and HK environment. MSRP in the UK, according to the criminal, is 600. And u only offer me your used k-tec?

Guys, BenR is not treating me fairly, is he? :D

the way u drive, u better have a V1. hahahaha

two new V1s for a RSR kit, whether the exhaust is a used K-tec or new Cup, up to u. My final offer.

Went to a wedding dinner the other night, sitting next to the new Traffic Wing Commander, he asked me whether the red clio in the carpark was mine then went on saying that many clios were involved in raod racing and crashed, and they also knew the clio boys morning drive thing. Didnt tell him that the red clio i the cartpark often participated. hahahaha.

clioclubhk getting a bad rep for us Renault owners now! great, even better.

You know i cant give out a free kit, where do i say the aprts went!??


there was another crash last night. A MK I was written off. No one injured, luckily.

The Reno ppl wont care where have the parts gone. If they do ask, tell them they are needed for long term testing. hahahahaha.

The crash is being investigated by the Police, better not disclose his ID openly, will tell u later when u are in HK. Also, by that time will think of a better excuse for u to give me a RSR free. Hahaha



was it another street racing use?....damn, tell those guys to learn how to drive!


One small thing, I believe it is not the clioclubhk that the Police is after, it the the clio newsgroup ppl. Those guys who complained that we used code in my messages, remember?

LOL...are they silly people!


how much cose is there in plaint english/chinese!!??

tell you, HK people are odd, i think its the air....

and also the Government led by this Tung. The other day a Pug guy posted a mesage saying "good good" after the UD started bombing Iraq. I replied "wish u were there". Cool blood HK ppl.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

haha my bird (or whatever she is at the min) is from HK.

I used to have a Valentine 1. Absolutely brilliant peice of kit. I had to sell it though as I was short of cash. Only problem nowdays is it wont work with most of the new cameras.


just another cat and mouse game. u think u are safe with a v1, they move the goal posts. We are more lucky, the government is cutting budget, no new toys to the police.