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How much would you pay

For a Sony CDX-M9900 HU?

Its boxed as new and only been fitted to check everything works ok.
Ive been asked to make a sensible offer but dunno what offer to make.
Cheers people!:)

Yeah, I guess youre right.
I really like the look though, itd be like a new toy!:)
What are the best HUs for sound quality?
Im also going to get some nice component speakers & a sub & amp so any recomendations would be great!

Thanks again!

Cant afford that mate, sorry!
I always get nervous when buying car audio for some reason, I think its cos i dont wanna get the wrong piece of kit and want it to sound nice.

Any recomendations for HU/speakers/sub & amp?
  A well built VW

Pioneer or Alpine and you cat really go wrong , Ive only ever had pioneer and love them (first one i had for 8 years and never had a problem )

Alpine, Becker or Nakamichi for a headunit....

Theres loadsa brands for subs & amps such as Genesis, Directed, PG, JL, etc etc

speaker brands e.g. Rainbow, focal, boston acoustics, MB Quart or DLS. or diamond.

Ive got a nakamichi for sale for about £200, usually £500, but seeing as ur looking at buying that sony headunit i really dont think the nakamichi is for you! even tho it will sound better than any other headunit u will look at!