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how much

Took my car in to have some minor work done - Renault main dealer (I know, I know)and also got an estimate for some other work they thought needed doing. Now tell me if you think that these prices are well over the top:

Springs: £471.88
Shocks: £94.00
FrontBearings £314.43
front brake discs: £186.83
rear brake discs: £275.66

£1300!!! OUCH!
Thats parts & labour, - but not VAt!!!. Time to find myself a good local garage..Havent even had the car that long....
Anyway, let me know what you think & if anyone knows a good independent garage in London/Essex borders Id be grateful for the info.
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Im no expert as I have a few contacts that do all my work for me for a bottle of wiskey. But that sounds very expensive, you can buy a half decent second hand car for that price.

If this is for a 1991-1998 Clio RSi then this is WAY, way over the top (even for Renault actaully ).

The front springs should be about £70 maximum really - decent aftermarket ones cost circa £50 plus (for lowering). The shocks sound reasonable. But if youre willing to fork out about £300-400 - which is still less than Renault - you could have Spax or Koni shocks and springs all round to make your car handle like a dream.

The front bearings are way over game agian - about £90 per side is par at AA/non franchises. Discs again are well over the top - £450 for all four is far, far too much. Again, pattern parts (e.g. Halfords) will costs you about £100 for all four - or you could get race-spec ones for £250 all round.

N.B. You will most likely need rear wheel bearings if youre having new rear discs - theyre pressed in by the disc apparently.

I reckon you could get all this done for circa £500 fitted at a local garage. Ask some yokels in the trade and find out who to trust. AA Garages or similar will be near in price - you get 10% off if youre an AA member (£39 - could be worth it if your bill is over £390!

Just please dont pay this sort of price for this work. You will not be getting any better quality parts, service or guarantees.


  Shiny red R32

Must be platinum springs at that price!!

Sounds to me as though they dont really want the job! That is way over the top. Find yourself a good local garage who will do it for a realistic price.


  Shiny red R32

Just worked out the total cost .... £1,527.50 I can see exactly why Quentin Wilson calls dealers - Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!! Dont pay them.

Springs: £471.88
Shocks: £94.00
FrontBearings £314.43
front brake discs: £186.83
rear brake discs: £275.66

Ok... springs about 40 a corner (You could have them MADE for that

160 total

Shocks.. seems cheap must be copy

So, billiess at 75 a corner....300

Bearings.. they is havin a larf !!!

100 at the most !

Discs.. 45 a piece = 90

rear the same = 90

so.. diy= 740 squids...

I rest my case, er honour...


Thanks for your advice everone. I thought they were taking the p*ss. As I am not too handy with a spanner, Ill find a local garage.