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how not to get cought by the new cameras!

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there is a new device out to stop you gettin cought speeding!!!it stops them new speed cameras and also any police hand held or any camera getting you how good is that?go to this site and click on snooper diffuser this product is well woth investing in i am going to order 1 as soon as i get paid at the end of this month!!oh and another thing if you do get cought by an old speed camera write off and ask for proof this then makes dvla lose money because they have to dig out your photo make a copy and get it sent to you and they sometime write back to say they have not got enough evidence to convict you and there you go u are let off and another 1 is if u are fined £80 for speeding send a check made out for £85 they then send you a check back of £5 do not cash this check because they cannot put the points on your card until you have cashed the check and i dont think they can take the £80 out of the bank either good or what oh and lets just say a little birdy told me this hehe
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radar diffusers do NOT stop u gettin caught by modern cameras, as most use digital video and other methods to catch you, that will only diffuse RADAR systems
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ne1 know ne truth in the cheque for £85 method????

sounds cool, but i doubt if it actually works???! id love2know if it does tho!


Not too sure about your system, but in our environment, which is modelled on yours, we require all checks to be checked to ensure that the it is made to the correct amount as shown on the ticket. The clerk should also mark down the ticket reference on the back of your check before banking. If it is returned, say due to wrong signature, the Treasury will send it back to the Police and ask them to follow up. It will then up to the officer in charge. He can just leave it in his in tray because the amount is small and there are other more urgent assignment. If he does follow up the matter, he can still trace the details of the ticket. details if all demand notes, including traffic tickets would be kept on line for three months, then they would be downloaded to tapes and put away. If the officer is too busy and misses the deadline, more than likely, he wont bother to ask the Treasury to download the payment details for such small amount. Instead he would write a good story to and write off the amount.

All I have said is yes there is a chance that your ticket would be written off, but the system does have a control to prevent it from happening, you still need luck.

Quote: Originally posted by m888arc on 16 October 2002ne1 know ne truth in the cheque for £85 method????sounds cool, but i doubt if it actually works???! id love2know if it does tho!Marc

This is an urban myth, dont try it. Ive lost count of how many times some-one has told me about this, there was even an article about it on Top Gear or 5th Gear advising you not to do it.

My brothers friend went as far as to try it; he sent off a cheque for £61 instead of £60. All that happened was that he received a very threatening letter telling him if he didnt post out a cheque for the correct amount within seven days, then they would take him to court. :(

Nah - dont work - I got £40 fines twice and send in cheques for £45 they refund me a £5 cheque but theyve already cashed the rest!!!

These tricks are the kind of things that sound very good in practice, but the more you p1ss the law about, the harder they come down on you. i speak to people all the time "yeah Ive put my court case off x amount of months and Im doing this x amount of stuff to delay it further". So they drag the case out for a couple extra months, and instead of a one year ban they take a two year ban. If you know the evidence against you is good enough, just accept your punishment.

However i must add, if you feel you have been wrongly convicted, fight it too the death. My mate got done by a speed camera for doing 25 in a 30. I was in the car at the time and we thought it must have been flashing someone on the other side of the road. So when the letter came through, we were highly shocked. Anyway we went to court, prooved that the photo evidence was not conclusive and there was reasonable doubt about his actual speed. He was let off with it all. quite rightly of course.

Couldnt agree with you more ClioJohn. If you get caught speeding fair and square just pay up and accept the fact and stop wasting peoples time by delaying the inevitable, but if as you say you have a case then indeed fight it.