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How not to...

  Superleggera'd Bean
make your car 'your own'.

Spotted these beauties the past week.




  Superleggera'd Bean
Think it was about 1k, wasn't paying attention. I was too busy counting the Relentless stickers.

There is a lot of awesome metal up here, all tastefully modded!
  Superleggera'd Bean
Yep, first time I've been to UPullIt. Was a nice scrapyard haha.

It may of been more haha! There was an awesome Astra there as well but wasn't in the return to road bit. Had some phenomenal gradient tints, bodykit and 17s. Brilliant but I never got a photo :(
  Superleggera'd Bean
God, what have I done? I just realised what consequences can come from this...


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
That last one, SP51UTO, owned by a young lad. 18 or 19 maybe, lives about 30 seconds down the road from me. The car has got progressively worse over the past year/year and a half.