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How often does your console crash?


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Just thought I'd ask this question after my girlfriend said her old Xbox 360 never once crashed on her...

I have a PS3 and I'd say failure rate whilst watching catch up TV is about 25% :quiet: sometimes only the app crashes, but usually the PS3 will require a reboot
Play TV crashes the entire system about 10% of the time (and has, on occasion, completely wiped my library)
Have had a few games do the same... most recent was just the other day playing South Park

I have two PS3's (slim) in the house and they both act basically the same. I thought this was normal lol, but after what she said about her console I'm considering an Xbox One next. What are peoples experiences with the current gen regarding this?


ClioSport Club Member
  Honda S2000
My XO hasn't crashed on me yet.

The controller has frozen a couple of times though - solved by taking the batteries out.
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Play TV ruined my old PS3, constantly crashed and it stopped reading disks then when i bought another i didn't install Play TV on it and suprise suprise it was very rare that it crashed. Its a great app but turns the PS3 into a heater rather than a games console.

My PS4 used to crash quite a bit but only while playing Battlefield 4, its now happening less regularly so it must be down to the game rather than the console.

If you're looking at buying a next gen console and using it to watch catch up TV through i wouldn't buy a PS4 as its only got IPlayer and Demand 5 so far, I don't think they've got plans to bring a Play TV style program to it either.
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Xo hasn't crashed at all. My 360, that's a different matter all together. Always crashes but that's just 'character'


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  Mini Cooper S
To be honest I use catch up TV on my console more than any other function... I'm aware PS4 doesn't have much, and with the Xbox One you have to pay. So I'm looking at getting a new TV which has all the services built in. I think Samsung had exclusive rights to some of them up until recently, but I think that's been lifted now?

I hope so because I've not had much luck with Samsung screens either lol. Would much rather get my hands on a Panasonic.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
My 360? I don't think ever. The PS3? Enough to be annoying. Catch-up TV and the like is fine - but games - especially GT can be a pain. Only last night I had a blat on the Goodwood Festival of Speed track and upon quitting, the screen went black and the console hung.

Proportionally, giving the amount of changes, updates and configs I make to the PC - that's much more stable than the PS3 - lol!