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How to mod a turbo.. step 1...

oh GR!!!!!!!!!

i thought you, being such a lovely, caring and honestly, one of the most beautiful women (and just made the WOMAN mark you young thing you) in the entire british isles (and further but it doesnt matter after that), were goin to be oh so nice and let me purchase the rattly ol GTT.......

and then ill make a return trip via uncle joes place for a little slap and ticke in teh engine dept......



  Shiny red R32


The GTT doesnt rattle at all, it seems to have been looked after pretty well.

What is this slap and tickle then Ben?;)

He is correct gr.. you need to donate it to us for a radical build...

should have about 500 bhp at the wheels n 4wd.. with a torque curve that a twin engined r5 could only dream off..

for strip racing.. we could feed both exhausts to 1 common BFO serial turbo drive... probably get 400 bhp per unit if they hung together...


in fact ben, think of the advantages of the common boost transfer.. I think it would work well, its self governing to equal out the torque delivery.. would need a small turbo for first stage and a bloody huge turbo for the second stage..

yes.. sounds like a plan

hmmmmmmmmm indeed!!!

Joe, i have a mission...and you have a second!

to get this GTT off GR.......who by the way is such a nice person...indide and out......a mother teresa with a killer bod....

Oh BTW, its sunday moren, about 5:30 am.....i should get some sleep.

boat trip tomoz!!!

old chineses wooden junk (type of boat, not as in its is junk) with loads of beer and young women/girls running about!!! YAY......but non will match GR, as ill soon realise when we go to pick up this GTT.....;)

and with the quality of my last off.

Cya later, and have a good week off joe! if i dont talk to you before..

cya cheeky young

GR, i dont have a camera...oh..yup, i do soz, ill get some......

cartman: "oh yea, oh yeah.....its my hot bod and ill do what i wanna!"


  Shiny red R32


We will miss you next week. Surely someone of your importance would have a lap top to take with you to keep up with the gossip:)


im gonna look a right fool.:(

That is an apostrophe Ben and it shouldnt be there.


and joe, ill be pretty bored with nobody to correct me...LOL

you will have alot of book checking when u come back....


  Shiny red R32


You obviously dont want to leave us to go on this Junk trip do you?

If you dont get a move on you will be too late. Have you been to bed yet?

lol, gr, I have laptops coming outa me ears.. but hate he damn things.. hee hee

nope, I am taking a couple of clancy books.. sightseeing to HMS Belfast and Cutty Sark.. and generally doing sweet f nothing in the evenings... apart from beer, a book, n the telly



Are you going to need to upgrade the standard Fuel Pump?. I remember about a year ago someone else did that on here - I think they went for a clio cup item.