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  1. Con.SW

    Turbo 182 cut out when idling

    Hi all! I'm currently looking and have been to view a turbo 182. When on the test drive the car seemed to not want to idle when at junctions and unless you revved it slightly it would cut out. Apart from that the car ran spot on. Just wanted to check to see if this is a major issue and if...
  2. D

    Renault Clio 1.2Tce 08

    Not sure if i’m posting in the right place as i’m new to the site. I own a 2008 Clio 1.2Tce it’s a decent little car just needs more of a kick. Ive taken it to get remapped last week and it has improved but not as much as i was hoping. Is they a factory intercooler for the turbo and if not would...
  3. C

    All I need to turbo my 172

    Hey guys! just got a bone stock 172, I already have somewhat idea of what I might need to turbo my 172, but as there are people who have already done that, I wanted to ask exactly what I need to do it or any recommended turbo kits or other thing to look up to (like forged internals and other...


    Hi Guys Just bought my old track car back, an 05 Racing Blue 182. It's a nice spec and always went well. But I need more power! I've been looking at the Engine Dynamics 230 turbo conversion for £2800 fitted or the 280 turbo conversion for £4600 fitted. There's also the K-Tec 260 supercharger...
  5. E

    182 Clio Turbo Options

    Hi all, couple of weeks ago purchased myself a 182 Clio in Titanium with both cup packs, my plan with the Clio is to boost it, now, the engine is on 158k which I'm thinking needs a full refresh before I even think about boosting due to the mileage so new rings, new gaskets, bearings etc. What...
  6. I

    Clio 57 plate 1.4 turbo?

    So I have had my Clio for a year... I love it, its the perfect size, dropped a sub in and new speakers to go in it soon. However there's never enough power when I really need it. Its relatively quick but as a 1.4 it struggles to pull... in any gear lol. I want to drop a turbo into it, I don't...
  7. C

    Is it possible to add the TCE turbo to the N/A 1.2 Clio?

    Owner of a mk3 (pre-facelift) Renault Clio Extreme. 1.2, 16V, 75bhp, 2006 model. I’m wondering if it’s possible to fit the turbo from the 1.2 TCE to my car, or if there’s a difference in the internals of the engine. Or perhaps there’s a 6 speed gearbox as oppose to a 5 speed. I’ve seen the...
  8. Sash

    Liquid Yellow 200EDC £8k Someone do a buy!
  9. O

    Turbo a clio gt 2009

    Right I have a clio gt 2009 1.6 and was wondering if the clio tce 1.2 turbo would bolt straight in, I know about bigger injecters and that but I want to know if the manifold and the engines are the same, if anyone can help I will be very happy
  10. R

    Clio 0.9 TCE injectors.

    Hi guys, Recently bought a 0.9 TCE clio and so far quite enjoying it as a little run around. Have thought about doing little bits to it eventually, nothing major but understand it is a small engine and probably can't handle too much. The injectors - are they the same size as the ones...
  11. R

    1.5 dci turbo

    Hi, I am new here and it's my first post. I have a 2003 mk2 Renault clio (1.5 dci 80hp), I want to look into adding a turbo for fun but don't seen to be able to find the right resources online to find a turbo that will fit like a kit or the installation process. I've done bits and bobs fixing...
  12. J

    65HP DCI Build

    Hi there! I have owned my little Mk2 Clio 1.5 DCI for just over a month now. In the time I’ve had it I’ve had a couple of little niggles but nothing too difficult to get to the bottom too. I’ve had a couple faults one of which was the EGR that I just cleaned out so no issue there however just...
  13. m&l172ph1

    Megane turbo and six speed conversion.

    So I have purchased a megane 225 engine, 6 speed box turbo etc from Mark, @getikte for my phase 1. Mark's been very helpfull with all my questions. My plan is to build a std looking car with good power, 6 speed box and some brembo's under the std oz f1's with the engine bay looking like it was...
  14. N

    clio dci 100 turbo help

    couple of things, looking at making the turbo coo... now ive been told the actuator is electronic? can anyone confirm? also would i be able to change the wastegate to a performance one to make it coo? also has anyone put a hybrid turbo on a 100? been told the fuel pump cant handle it, so would...
  15. robbie1988

    Robs Inferno 182 Cup.....

    Well I am back again with another Clio. Bought it in February and it has had a good history on with Inferno being the first owner then Daniel before Jenic got it. It came to me with 84k miles on the clock and all the bills and receipts for its life on the road. This is my fifth...
  16. N

    CLIO DCI 100! wanting turbo noise...

    hi has anyone managed to get their dci 100 to do the little flutter/tututuuuu noise at all? i have heard of someone doing it on their dci65, and someone done it to their dci100 but both arnt wanting to help me out much! any advice aprreciated!!
  17. RevLimitUK

    RevLimit Clio RS200 Meg 230 conversion

    Hi Folks , here is a Clio 3 RS200 Megane 225/230 conversion we have recently done for a customer here at RevLimit Tuning. Everything was done in house fabrication , wiring , coding and rolling road mapping. The spec was :- 2005 Megane 225 engine, gearbox , driveshafts , intercooler, loom and...
  18. Molzo

    My Clio Mk3 Dynamique 1.2 tce sx

    My Clio as Standard: Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable mirrors. Air-conditioning. When i brought this my side skirt was cracked and the air con was not...
  19. B

    Would the gear box in a 182 handle a turbo conversation?

    Hi I have a 1.4 and have saved some money to get a 182 and get the big turbo upgrade and brakes but will the gearbox hold up with the power? If not what gear box will and how much? Please help ahah
  20. CSSMerkage

    Clio 182 Z20LET 2.0T Conversion

    Hi all, Finally got round to sorting out pictures from my project car, here to share them if anyone is interested. A mate had a Z20LET converted Corsa C which I got involved with, and another had a 182, one thing led to another and here we are. Rebuilt the Vauxhall Z20LET engine from an Astra...
  21. Treadless

    200t EDC Fastchip RSTuner Problems

    So after months of deliberation I decided to go against all common sense and instead of making the 10 mile trip to RS tuning (I live on the outskirts of Leeds) I thought i'd save myself a bit of time and money and get an RSTuner by Fastchip. I'd read good things about the RSTuner and Fastchip...
  22. Snake182

    EFI parts - low-boost TURBO ECU kit

    Has anyone used or know of this module been used: Its supposed to fit alongside the standard ECU after being flashed by EFI (included in price with map sensor) and give the ECU added support of recognising boost above atmospheric pressure. Just...
  23. AidenJohnson

    Turbo Build - Stage 1, 2 or 3

    Hi Everyone, This maybe a extremely over asked question but, What is the best value for money Turbo package (Stage 1, 2 or 3) £2000 being the bottom mark and £5000 being the top. Reliability is key as personally when you part with such an amount of money, the last thing you want to do is spend...
  24. jamesycc

    Titanium 182 turbo on ebay-anyone on here?

    Got a mate in work that was asking me about this little beauty on the 'bay. Said id ask around for him
  25. _Tom

    Anyone got a spare 65k? Turbo 2 content.

    f**k. Funnily enough I saw this on the road about 3 months ago. Looked awesome.
  26. robmuns

    Ph1 Turbo winter project

    Thought I'd better get round to putting a thread up seeing as i've owned the car for over 3 years now and this winter Ill be turbo charging it for my HND project at college. Got the car pretty much standard and slowly over time got it to a half decent spec: Engine: 197 cams matched inlets...
  27. chris79

    Turbo insurance

    I'm considering a turbo conversion on my 172... I did a quick quote on a comparison site and was getting £380/year fully comp with the turbo mods declared.. what's other people paying?.. that was with Performance Direct.. For comparison I pay £180/year currently for a standard ph1 172.. (36...
  28. dablk

    Ti 182 Turbo Blackpool Andy, Clio.turbo...
  29. cs_dave

    tyre choice for the turbo

    Well winter is due and im in need of some tyres now i use my boosted clio daily with wife n kids in the car so semi slicks are off the list lol Im looking at bridgestone turenza er300 anyone got any reviews are they better than T1Rs?
  30. G

    182 Turbo, Meg 225 Head, Turbo & Internals Help

    Having just bought a 182 for use as a track/weekend blast car, I am looking at the options regarding turboing it. It already has cams, Scorpion 192 exhaust (no cat), induction kit and 'Pop & Bang' remap, but ideally i'm looking for a reliable 250-260 BHP. As its only to be used primarily as a...