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how will each of these affect my car

to the handleing

1- lowering 40mm ish all round?

2- lowering the back only 40mm ish

3- lowering the front only 40mm ish?
  Abarth Grande Punto

ben i had mine lowered, (r reg), 30mm all round. New front springs and adjusted the torsion bar. It now sits nicely on the floor, i had to shave off some of the skin from my arches to stop rubbing but now its fine so thats 30mm with 16s

  Abarth Grande Punto

sorry i forgot to say about the handling,

well ive got fat 7.5" tyres aswell and my car handles so much better now cos its so lower and alot fatter tyres you will really notice the difference mate
  BMW 320d Sport

Ben thats quite a claim to fame you having the only green valver!

Anyway #2 is just too lame to even think about - back end dropped and front end standard! Have you lost your mind?

Most normal people drop it all round, cos thats where the best handling is. You can have it up at the back and down at the front, good for an extra 0.2 of a second when quarter miling but not much else.

Id say go for the 40mm drop all round. A 35mm drop all round on mine really sorted out the handling nicely.

well mines dropped at the front only, looks mean like it, doesnt look too odd either, just havnt had a chance to really drive it yet as it gets taxed tommorow so ill find out what its like!

Sorry to P*ss on your parade Ben but i went to look at a green valver for sale about 2 months ago. I hope for your sake that there is more than one green valver or else you are driving an absolute pile!!!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

yeah I saw the one at J28 a couple of months back!

Looked nice in green! Not seen any others though!

aye but there are a lot of rt lookalikes in green, theres a few over at renault sports club that i know of

Yea, the one i test drove was definately a valver. But the other "extras" it had was the front and rear bumper hanging off at one corner each, the boot carpet was soaking wet and the car had an amazing ability that rather than drive in a straight line it sort of crabbed to the right. Quite alarming all in all....oh and the owner decided to tell me that he didnt have the V5.....

Now where do i sign again.......NOT!!!

theres a green 16v clio for sale here in jersey

its got the Prima body kit

its also got williams interior and williams sticker on the back, with scorpion exhaust system

doya reckon they could come from jersey or something cause the strangest thing the otherday was that if u go into renault and give em ya numer plate your car will come up on the computer, mine was unknown, but it is right hand drive so definetly not imported...