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HTC Bravo

  Citroen DS3 DSport
This looks rather nice

Looks like it could be a nice phone, probably slightly smaller than the HD2 as well due to smaller screen.
  Mito Sportiva 135
After owning the Hero, I am now an HTC afficiando, will be getting another one next time I upgrade unless something else absolutely ridiculous comes out before then. Really well made piece of kit I think!
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
my hero is slow n clunky, it's ok, but i'm going to swap it for a pre i think. that bravo looks great oled screen is nice too.
  Golf GTi Mk2
Since the magical OS3.x.x updates on my iPhone that has become painfully slow too, takes an age to open anything. Thought the Hero was supposed to be top banana?

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