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I’ve just had a race with an EVO VIII....


  Audi TT Stronic

I would expect it too.. good on ya for having a go though.. how much did you loose by ?

The difference does not bear thinking about. We were both at the lights and he was looking at my car, I looked over and clocked him. He smiled and revved his engine, so I revved mine and the lights changed.

I tharashed mine in 1st, dropped it into 2nd shot off up the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and I think he was giving me a head start, the cheeky mailto:b@stard">b@stard ;). He planted his and I kid you not, it was like I was driving at about 15mph, he shot past THAT quick !!!


.......anyone lend me £22000 :D

I think the EVO7 is the best looking of all these jap 4wds which have been in the UK over the past years. I see two in my local area quite often, both driven by ladies!

If youd raced him long enough you would have had him! he would have to stop for petrol - I think they manage about 100 miles per tank!