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I did feel bad at the time.........

Today was one of those rare occasions when some dickhead who tries to kill you with bad driving, gets just what they deserve. On the way to a meeting, half an hour late I came up to heavy traffic on a single carriagway road, the rain was heavy and all I could see was oncoming traffic, so i will just have to be late I thought and just followed on. After about a minute my rear view mirror was full of fog lights and led washer jets, yes I had a Nova up my arse. The Nova driver then overtakes into the path of an oncoming lorry, so he decides to pull back in NEXT TO ME, he than goes for the big overtake nearly hitting two cars as he went. At this piont I wanted to go after him and put him in a ditch But:

1. Im running late.

2.To many people about.

So after a few minutes I had calmed down and just accecpted that some people are bullets and left it at that.

Still late for my meeting I got a bit lost and ended up on country roads I then came up to a flood in the dip of the road which was so deep that a tractor was being towed out. after some directions I at last got to my meeting.

After the meeting I took a look at the flood again just to see if anyone had tried to cross it but no luck, so i turned round in a gateway at the edge of the flood so as I reversed out my wheels went in the water a bit, as I pulled off I was blinded by front fog lights and LED washer jets Its Nova man, I think you can see whats coming cant you!!!!

"Is it deep mate?"

"not if you keep to the right" (as the tractor did)

I made an exit and waited up the road for him to come passed after turning round. After 15 minutes of laughter and no Nova I made my way home knowing that if a tractor cant a Nova cant

hehehe I doubt Id have been quick enough to tell him that it was ok, mores the pity. thats one of the best stories Ive heard in ages!

good on ya!

The reason they called the Nova the Corsa abroad was becuase in Spain/Italy/France "No Va" means "No go" - which is a very apt description of this blokes Nova GTE Turbo 4WD with LED lights that add 467bhp now that its sat in 6-foot of water!

fantastic, laughed so much i had to read the story to my other half!! i dont think i would have been quick enough either, but hey!! Fantastic!!

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Well done I think you should be nominated for a community award for helping remove the Nova blight on our roads.