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I dont get my dealership

  GTD, Lupo
When i picked my 200 up i noticed the panel below the bonnet was sitting proud and noticed a clip was snapped in half. The dealership said they will get a new one on order. Its taken 3 month and the part has arrived and i got a call saying they would need the car for 2 days to colour match it :S on a new car??

Any way i missed that appointment as i was away and popped down today and all of a sudden they only need the car for 2 hours as the panel which has now turned into a whole new bumper :eek: (£400 without paint) is being painted as we speak i hope!! im not too bothered as its under warrenty but does seem a massive waste as its only the panel with the renault badge on :D

Good thing is i do have a stone chip so that will be gone. Do you think they will let me keep the old bumper (well new really?).

Also a little worried about the body shop driving the car after reading some posts on here.!!

  182 Cup/Mk5 Gti
make sure you record the miles and stress to them there is no need for it to be driven any where other than the premises
  GTD, Lupo
Cheers will do that, im driving it to the garage so might drive really slow and get the mpg up to a highish number which isnt easy in the 200 maybe around the 33mpg mark then i can tell if they have smashed it :D



ClioSport Moderator
Bonza results on the new bumper, cant you reset the trip computer so they can't rag it? Make sure you let them know they dont need to move the car other than into the body shop etc.