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I have a stupid question

Controls the temperature in your car. Like Air Conditioning, but You control what temperature you want. I would imagine you have a button somewhere to set the temperature...

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Yep set the temperature and it will control the fan and air con to maintain the temperature you set. Works well too!

thats not a stupid question, a stupid question would be....

at what speed would you have to be traveling wearing nothing but some CK boxers to tear only your spleen upon hitting the back of a slightly damp 45 year old giant tortoise who has recently had a new shell wax?

now that is a stupid question.


Bigstereo dood...

actually it would be at 36.8724153 Mph in 2nd gear assuming a weight of 1200 Kg total and an adult male tortoise.


Speed (MPH) = SM

Weight of car (W)

Age of tortoise (AT)

Sex of tortoise (ST)

SM therefore = root(W*AT / PI* R* AT/6) / (W/AT) *ST Squared.


ahhh, this is what you may think but you havnt considered the resistance of the CK boxers (RCKB)or the Wax content of the shell (WCOS)that would reduce the friction upon impact also the size and weight of the particular individual who is hitting the tortoise (S&WOIHT) would also be a factor (as would sex i suppose) so although a valiant attempt i cannot give you full points for this on capn

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also what are u on about glenn, i need no encoragement, boredom is my fuel broadband is my tool!

The scariest thing about this whole thread is that it makes sense. Why oh why did I study Physics.

Im confused what value I should use for ST in the above equation.

Please supply values for:

Yes please (but not with a Tortoise)