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I have lost my ball !!!!!!!!

Washing my car tonight and noticed that I have lost one of my headlamp washing balls, what do I do now ? Do the dealers just replace it under warranty ? How long does it take to do ?


  Shiny red R32

A few months ago there was quite a bit of chat about this problem, which is known to the dealer, who should replace it for you under warranty.


  Shiny red R32

geordiepaul posted 20/06/2002 09:12 GMT 172 Clio Cupless

For the fourth time now I have lost one of the balls out of my washer jets.

So now I have to back to my dealer order the part then book it in for fitting. I think Im going to contact renault about it as there is obviously a big fault with that part.

A list or a count of other people who have had the same problem might help.

desmondo posted 20/06/2002 09:40 GMT Track virginity now lost 172

One of my balls went - its been replace and its been fine ever since.

geoff_clio172 posted 20/06/2002 10:25 GMT Blue Clio 172 MK2

Mine came out but since have taken the fuse out to avoid such problems in the future!

JonC posted 20/06/2002 14:22 GMT Silver Clio172 mkII

Ive never had any problems with my balls! (ooh-err!). The washers for the lights only work when you have the lights on. When you use the windsreen washer, there is about a 1-2 second delay before the washers for the lights activate. Therefore I only activate the washers in 1 second bursts so the light washers dont activate to pop the balls out.

Ive only ever activated the washers for the lights maybe twice as I dont want to loose my balls!!!

druddle posted 20/06/2002 14:30 GMT Iceberg Clio 172 Mk2

I have lost mine once and Renault replaced them, and at the time denied it was a known problem.


Matt - Leics posted 20/06/2002 14:37 GMT Silver 172 mk2

lost both balls.. both replaced by reno

Trev_m posted 20/06/2002 15:50 GMT Silver 172 Sport

I also removed the fuse and just to make sure I super glued them in.

m@thew posted 20/06/2002 17:50 GMT 172 MK2 Monaco Blue

had mine replaced once and there missing again, Im waiting till the 12K service to get them fixed again.

Had to leave my car for the day but the circus was at the dealers that day.......Id wait for the other one to go to save another visit - Mine both went....



  Shiny red R32

m@thew posted 02/04/2002 09:55 GMT 172 MK2 Monaco Blue

my cars in the garage right now havnig the washer jets replaced as the balls went missing

Rentaghost posted 02/04/2002 15:37 GMT 172 Mk2 & 1.9 GTI

Is there any point - have reno redesigned them or will they just pop out again ???
BTW are they doing it under warranty without the usual arguments ??

AaronMihe posted 03/04/2002 01:16 GMT 2002 Clio RenaultSport

I dont get arguements - I just smile and say the "the Clio has blown up" "can we book it in".

It seesm to work . Aaron

I have had both replaced under the warranty and have now removed the fuse. The washers have a seperate fuse so it wont affect anything else. The part is a crap design, until this is changed there is not much point using them.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Since my post you mentioned at the top I did contact Renault customer service about the problem and they did say that the washer jets have been redesigned as there had been a problem.

Since then I have had mine replaced...will see how it goes, if it happens again I will open a big can of whoop ass on Renault Customer Service!

Only had the car a week and I dont even think I have used the light washers yet so they must have popped out on their own accord ! Bit crap innit !

I think I will wait to see if the other one goes in the next few weeks or so which is likely because the car is nearly run in now ! 500 miles and counting ! It is annoying tho ! I wish they hadnt bothered with them to be honest !
  7.6cc :D

I have had the car for three months, and dont know how to use the headlamp washers yet, i cant find it in the manual!


Can someone tell me which button or knob it is! pleasssssssse
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

When the lights are they come on every third time you use the normal windscreen washers. Trouble is most of what they spray misses the headlights and goes all over the bonnet!!!

Wonder when they were redesigned - ive still got both of mine - my car was built in March. Maybe ive been lucky with mine - had other problems with the car though !

Well mine is a week and a half old and I was almost expecting it to go anyway ! Will wait to see if the other one goes.