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I just can't decide - last post on it i promise (TV)

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1)LG 60PS8000 - can be had for around £1800, the 50" review is excellent on avforums

2)Panasonic TVP50V10 - can be had for £1400 'only 50" ' review again excellent on avforums

3) Samsung LED 7 series - 55" can be had for around £2.1k review on avforums are average..

the thing thats thrown me is the cheapeness of the LG, the fact that the review on whathifi are the exactl opposite of on avforums (saying samsung is great and panny is ok :-/ )

I did think of kuro but it's just a vast amount of money for a 50"... fyi i'm moving up for a 40" sony which i've been quite happy with a cost me £2k like 2 years ago (W series 2000 model)

what i want is excellent picture quality looks and sleekness are inconsequential to me really. i did want a size upgrade and 55 sounded just right but now i'm all confused...perhaps the cheaper 60 is better value for money? jumping from the sony w series sutrely most teles will be better anyway so maybe the samsung?

help guys! please
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agreed but it did throw me off, it's also hard when you keep looking at figures you get a bit jaded by them , like you forget how much you may/may not notice in real life you know.
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I own the Samsung one, its only a 46" though but its an excellent tv, picture is crystal clear, i would recommend it but im no tv expert tbh.
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I've got the 50" version of the LG and have no issues at all. Nice SD pic and Sky HD/Blu Rays look brilliant on it.

edit: infact it's the slighty older on I have, so I assume the newer version will be just as good if not better.
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Hawkeye, you ever notice weird dimming issues with the blacks? if you look for it apparently it's very obvious. like when a dark seen comes on the light dims and so the bright bits look darker, noticed typically in like the credits etc.

swordjo do you run much hd content of it mate?
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just found the LG for £1425....delivered new :-O

thing is, thats the sort of thing i'd notice aswell so i'm steering away from it, the panasonic looks great but the sub par SD viewing concerns me .the LG has a better write up but they don't compare eachother really on avforums. seems like the panny has better blacks though.
best bet go look at the damn things decide what one looks better to you buy it then shut up and enjoy it ;)

best thing i ever did was not over analyze tv's or you will never ever be happy
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Hawkeye, you ever notice weird dimming issues with the blacks? if you look for it apparently it's very obvious. like when a dark seen comes on the light dims and so the bright bits look darker, noticed typically in like the credits etc.

swordjo do you run much hd content of it mate?

Never noticed but i will start looking Forza 3 looks mint on it so im happy at the moment.:D
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yeh the thing is....i actually went and saw the Samsung and loved it now realising the blacks thing which once knowing it, i know i'd notice. remember seeing the panasonic plasmas next to it and they did look great

the only thing that bothers me on the LG is this...

The slight downsides for this TV are a dynamic range and black level which though good, still struggle to pull out the darkest parts of the image, which can looked washed out at times. And image retention which has been an issue with previous LG screens is still an issue with the PS8000. The retention is not overly obvious when watching normal material, however it does eventually disappear and while not a deal breaker, is something to consider when looking at this TV.

i'm beginning to tihnk though for the money i won't get better with the LG ...


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Personally wouldn't touch LG. The number of faulty set's i've seen in my time is unreal.
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jesus u boys aren't making it easy.

image retention on LG sets, i mean, am i going to notice this? i've only read about it, never seen it before so to speak.....

also i don't know whether this will change people's minds but my viewing distance is atround 7.5-8 feet.


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If it was my money I would get the Panny.. infact.. I did get a panny and love it, it does everything perfectly.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
lol yeh i'm getting swayed that way, seems to be the best thing since kuro. Just issues with SD viewing and the fact that i'd love a 60" tele hahaha
See if it was me I'd get the Panasonic (got a 42 V10 here).

However I think the size matters enough to you to warrant the LG.

And I wouldn't say the Panny has sub par SD, it looks fantastic on ours, and it'll only look worse the bigger you go.

I very much doubt on a like for like size SD material will differ much on Plasmas, but the extra 10 inches could make a difference.

Also remember the Panasonic has Freesat as well as Freeview (didn't see that the LG did so forgive me if I'm wrong), so if you don't have Sky HD then you'll get soem HD content in BBC HD and ITV HD (when they can be bothered to show anything).

Plus iPlayer is coming to freesat very soon.

The LG does look a decent buy though, would be hard pushed to choose between the 2 really, guess it boils down to do you want 50 or 60 inches :)
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Get a Pioneer Kuro if your gonna get a plasma.
the samsung 7 series isnt too great IMO, the sound truly is shocking and because its lit from around the edge by LED's in dark scenes the edge of the screen wont be as black as the center...
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chriR thanks for your help mate. i am leaning towards the panny at the moment. my viewing distnace is between 8-9 feet but can prbably push stuff back a bit and get it to 10 which i believe 1080p would look ok on the 60" but everything else might start looking s**t. so now i'm thinking 50".

given that, the panny sounds fantastic on reviews, but £600 in the bank and the 50PS8000 LG seems a pretty good deal considering it's excellent reviews too. I've got to consider the fact that within a year n half or so i'm likely to want OLED.

amy - 2.3k for the kuro is just not worth it these days. i have a pretty good sound setup so onboard speakers aren't an issue. i hear you on the egde lit display though. i've kind of discounted it now tbqh.

Basically i'm at a stage now where i need to see them so tonight i'm going to my local comet and currys to see all three displays (taking my tape measure with me) and hopefully that'll be what sways me. need to buy it pretty much by friday next week... so i'm nearly there. will updat.
Similar distances to me then, the 42 looks right in our room due to the position of the tv.

It's in a corner so to go any bigger the tv would have to come forward which would make any size increase seem even greater. Whilst a 46 or 50 would have been nice it just wouldn't have worked with the space :/

60 at that distance would seem pretty big, but guess you soon get used to them. This looked huge, for a few days, now it's normal :p
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
so you all know...after initally deciding on the 60" LG and buying it...i subseqnetually went int a currys and looked at it. .looked great , looked a tthe 50" for comparison and was shocked that it had sever screen burn on it. worried me.

then phoned up a fella i know who works in the industry who told me about the new 3d sets ocming out middle of next i had a dillema as i knew i'd want new tech next year.

SO ended up getting a panasonic 50 G10 for £900. will do for a year or so and when the new tech comes out i won't feel so bad about spending the money. also doens' thave screen burn issues AND got recommended buy in av forums. pretty pleased and expecting delviery in a couple of days.