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I need cheering up!

OK, this is not a stab at my HK customers...........they are nice people, and some are good friends.


in HK, we sell a 172 for a rock bottom price of 11.3K pounds from the Dealer!!!

This is witha ll your std 3 yr warrenty etc etc.

insurance for anybody is a max of 916 pounds through us.......

and we pay the licencing fee of 600 odd quid!

Servicing, we replace everything under warrenty, somebody had a problem with their car and hot starts. We put on a new comp, changed all sensors etc. he left, and it still happened the nxt week. he came in without notice on a monday (our busiest day) and we got teh car back to him on tueday afternoon with completly new wireing loom!!!!

Pricing for parts is STD UK prices, maybe a tad more as we have to ship it across the world.

The new laguna 2ltr Privalegde costs 15k including our 40% tax here....whih means if we were to ship it to teh UK and add your tax instad of ours, itll cost about the same......

Privalege spec means it has EVERY option under the sun!!!!

Funny thing is, we are considered an unreliable car, expensive (even though the Honda accord/Toyota Camry are 21K) and generaly worse than a Jap car!!!! argh!:mad:

i know its a different MKT, but getting people to see that a Renault is 10x better than teh equivalent Honda/toyota (have you seen how ugly the new camry is!!!) and mazda!!!

i cant stop whilst laughing my ass off!!!!

Dazed and confused...........we cant get rid of our cars here!!!

we are making 16.4 quid profit on our clio 1.4 16V with 98bhpand selling barely any! Compared to teh Pug 206 1.4 with 75bhp which are flying out the show room!!!!!! how does that work!

Soz for the rant..........its just that peoples business sense here is i ask for 50% off my dinner in a Restaraunt! no, i pay the price on teh Menu!


Calm down Ben and just imagine a full works group 4 escort with a 2 litre BDA screaming through the forest at 8700rpm on twin 48s and opposite lock. And you are in the passenger seat.

If that doesnt cheer you up theres no hope...!

You can count on me for a proper story!



  Shiny red R32

There was a young lad called BenR

Who moaned at the price of a car

His profits are low

The sales are so slow

In trendy Hong Kong oh so far


i thought you made money on everything thats done under warranty? the work is paid for by Renualt, so doing all that for a hot start problem would be a nice earner? or am i wrong?

lofty: we pay for the, warrenty, as it is is paid by the dealer.

GR: nice poem!!! But not many pics as weather turned nasty over night, so only a few of us went the next day, kinda gloomy with sunny patches, and i didnt bring my camera, so i will ge the 4 photos we took that day and send them LOL!!!!!

some idiots came and parked up next to us, and as you know, bots that are anchored swing with teh current.....and they were so close, we were about 2" from hitting them...the morons.

Cliocup: i would rather be driving!!! lol

but details would be tasty!!!!