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I need to start trading in clio cups........

  R.S 200
I read it exactly like you did first @Cub.

I then thought why has someone taken such a loss so quickly 🤣. But it’s quite the opposite 😂


ClioSport Club Member
All that money and they couldn’t be arsed to replace the door Cup 172 stickers.

I still don’t get the whole cup thing personally. But if they do sell it for strong money, all these expensive cars helps us owners with our own car values


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I did a video on this exact car.

I would be lying if the owners didn't expect it to reach more on Collecting Cars originally. Cups always seem to have had a certain appeal, so I totally get it.

What I don't understand is the mileage argument. They are all now at an age where mileage is irrelevant unless it's an investment. Most of the bushes are shot irrespective of mileage. Would much rather buy a high mileage car that's been sorted, than pay through the nose for a car that's not half as fun to thrash about it.



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  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
hollybrooks cars are always on the pricey side but they do seem to sell. the black clio v6 i saw at rentec a few months back was purchased from them. personally i think its great that cups are now becoming desirable and prices have shot way up. fewer and fewer on the road now as well which helps i guess.


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  Whichever has fuel
Do you sell many cars at 80% profit?
It’s not 80% profit though is it. Take out tax, vat, prep, time, insurance, premises costs, and it’s nowhere near 80%.
80% markup isn’t unusual.

do you lot get upset when Tesco’s sell you £2 of bananas that they paid 25p for??

I’ve never understood people being bitter about someone earning money. It’s a bizarre thing to get upset about.