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I Wanna change my name!

Im bored with it now - its so stupid and the reference to womens bits is quite embarassing...................

Went to see the Tower Towers yesterday with Joanne - got 2 large popcorm, 2 buckets of coke (one with ice) a large tub of malteesers and two portions of nachos with cheese, chillis and jalepeno peppers, and half an hour into the film it was all gone.................!

And you were desperate for a piss... I always used to fall for the bar in Milton Keynes cinema, have a few beers before the film and then pissing myself through the whole lot. Now I dehydrate myself before movies instead.


  Audi TT Stronic

I went to see the two towers yesterday.. what a brill film it was.. building up to the massive battle at the end.(well not the end cause there is another one to go)

Quite enjoyed it and it didnt feel like 3 hours...

Go see it if you have only seen the first one, the second is even better.