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I want..................

They look like standard corner splitters that you can get for most cars. Demon tweeks stock them...perhaps a bit tacky tho.
  7.6cc :D

Right ive gone off that idea now!

Im trying to make the car a teeny bit more individual but avoiding tacky...................ive been searching all morning for ideas!

Back to the drawing board.

Jilly what mods have you done to your car currently?. Got any pics?. Ive colour coded my sidestrips, lowered the car and put some different wheels on. The car looks a lot better than when it was standard.


Jilly if you think the mods look good go and do it People will always have different views to you I think sunstrips can be ok but that does depend on there design. Those corner splitters are a little to tacky hehe.


I like sunstrips...only plain ones tho in the same colour as the car. Please dont get a Motorsport one or you may have to be shot!!!


  Shiny red R32

Jilly is your car one of those little hot wheels cars, which you pull back and it springs forward or turns round in circles?
  7.6cc :D

Sorry about the pic.....i have a whole film full when i can be bothered to take them into boots!

Mods ive been looking are basically, unnecesary bits of fibre glass as the above splitters etc. Just to make him a bit individual!

I actually like the carzone kit, (tacky or not) but completely out of my price range!

Thanks for comments everyone
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe that is a right Micro Machine. Better get some Baby Bio as your next mod I reckon. Corner splitters can be ok if you blend them into the bodywork.
  7.6cc :D

Ohhhhh you mean my car, thought you were on about the silver one! sorry

Oh ha ha, will everyone stop picking on my cars size, he is very very sensitive, he thought he was quite a big boy!