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ice where to buy from

  One with a few more

In my experience, car audio direct ia the best place. they have a forum for audio questions too with lots of people who know their stuff. the customer service is great, all other online places have been lukewarm in that depertment
  silver valver/hybrid

ive bought quite a bit of stuff from caraudiodirect too, never had a problem with them, and cheap prices too. i am also registered on the forum as there are many knowledgable people on there.
  Golf GTD

ive used caraudiosecuirty. standard delivery took 2 days for me.

cant beat their prices too, much better than anyother place i seen.
  Scenic mk1 (F3R)

cheers guys ive looked at all those sites and im pretty sure ill be buying from a few of them realy cheep werent expecting prices that low

the only 2 companies id consider buying from there are CAD and CEL, heard far too many bad reports from the other companies

do not even consider bass junkies, they are possibly amongst the worst around
  ford racing puma

got mine from here

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  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Or ebay if you know what you are afetr and trust the seller. I got Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack for 110 quid and my brother got some for the same price and some Diamond Audio Hex S600 speakers for 229 quid.