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If you had 9K

  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Looking for a new motor, got about 9K to spend.

There are some nice MK1 172s on Autotrader for under 9K but most of them seem to be silver. Do you think it would be a bad idea to get silver as they are quite common and they may not be as valuable as say the blue or black ones in a few years time?
I personally wouldnt mind a silver MK1 they look v nice, and seem to be more recognizable as a 172 than the darker colours.
I also think the MK1 looks better than the MK2 but thats just my opinion, dont want to start a war :)

Apart from a MK1 172 there doesnt seem to be much else about. I thought about an Integra Type R but the insurance was a little too high. Also if I was getting an Integra Id get a black one and theres not many around, theyre pricey too.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


a caterham or elise....or a MK1 elan....or a BDA engined Anglia, or a 2.1ltr warrior pintos MK1 escort.. or or or

Get a MK1 golf cabriolet, drop a 2.9 v6 engine in it, some nice 18s, and it has got to be green with a cream hood and full cream leather interior!!
  Golf GTi Mk1

Yeah get a MINT Williams 3 like the one i have for sale!

E-mail me on">


you should even get a mk2 172 for that price if you haggle.

or even a mk1 if ya must ..:devilish:

for the mk1, you can pick them up at 7-8k no probs. (Bargain Dood !)

Personally, I would go for a Caterham and a 5gtt.. :D

the supra is a great buy too.

I love the williams, but way over priced IMHO... A 5gtt is probably far more fun, but doesnt have the cult status amongst the few that own them.


  Shiny red R32


You have just mentioned the Supra and a friend of mine has just swapped an Impreza Turbo P1 for an immaculate Supra and although it has 180 on the speedo, he has already had it off the clock!! Its exhaust looks about 6" in diameter and it has two dump valves or whatever you call them, which make a lovely whooshing sound! It sounds really burbly.

Joe, I have sent you some pics which I took today.


  Shiny red R32


Forgot to say that it is de-restricted - which is probably why it is so scarily quick!


12mpg ..... Nuff sed ;-)

Personally, id save another £2-£3k and get an Elise. Baragin of the century at the mo - the dogs nads !
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Quote: Originally posted by Simon172 on 06 November 2002

go for the clio, but prepare to become good friends with your local renault garage
Why do you say that Simon?
Have you had big problems with yours or something?

I gotta say people Im surprised at your replies. I thought everyone would reply saying "Yeah go for the 172!!". Would I be right in thinking that everyone who mentioned getting something other than a 172 wishes they hadnt bought one themselves!! :confused:
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Go for the williams mate. You can pick one up for 5-6k and then save the other money for running it.

I own a 172 MK2 but the williams would of been my second choice if I hadnt of insisted for a new car. They are sweet and hold their money well.

Plus there is not alot of difference speed wish between the williams and the 172. It looks agressive as well.. The williams has recieved a cult status.
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Quote: Originally posted by ChavyBoy on 07 November 2002

Go for the williams mate. You can pick one up for 5-6k and then save the other money for running it.
The problem I have with the Williams is that its starting to look a little dated now. My mates got a 1.4RT in the same shape and hes had it for ages. :sick: The interior looks really dated. At least the mk1 172s looks are a bit more up to date.
Dont get me wrong the Williams is still a classic hot hatch and always will be, but technology is changing fast. :(
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

The main difference between the willy lump and the 172 is VVT there are other differences bu that is the main one.

I know where you are coming from but the williams still get alot of street credit and should not be underestimated.